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July 2020

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Dear Westminster:




The Psalmist asks: “How long, Lord?” I bet you wonder too. How long will the church feel the way it does now? How long before we can congregate safely with all our friends? One thing I have learned through all this. No one seems very qualified to answer life’s” how long” questions.


But I am confident now more than ever about our source of strength. The Word of God is such a reliable source of inspiration and comfort. With so much concern about public health and social unrest, we value more and more our Bibles. I appreciate the book’s (or tablet’s) sensibility and relevance. On Sunday morning, we move from the Psalms in June to the heart of the Book of Romans for July and August. We transition from song and poetry to Paul’s timeless explanation of God’s redemptive work in Christ. We are so blessed to have our Scriptures.


I pray you have a wonderful summer and that the peace of Christ be with your spirit

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