From the Pastor's Desk

September 2020

What’s it like to be underwater?
On the one hand, it can be tranquil and yet adventurous. If you have ever snorkeled in an area with a tidal surge, the gentle movement under the water is in contrast to the turbulence above, where waves cascade and run into shoreline. On the other hand, to be, “underwater,” is a figurative way to express a far different sentiment. Most of us don’t want to be underwater with a mortgage, for example.
For better or worse, Rodney wants to take you below sea level for Rally Day on Sunday, September 13. “Why,” you might ask. To probe the mind of Rodney is a dangerous proposition. But I find good reasons to go, “Under the Sea” with him and his team. I hope you will too.
The Bible is descriptive on this subject. Some of the great stories of redemption play out through water. Think about the creation story, Noah, the Exodus, Jonah and Paul’s epic mishap at sea while on a missionary journey. No wonder the baptismal font is one of three very important fixtures at church. I also pick up from Rodney and his accomplice, Susie Veeh, that there is a desire to do something that uplifts the Christian Community during this time of working through an above water problem- a pandemic. This ground level obstacle has taken a toll on communal gathering and morale. What to do?
People gather around water. Take a look at the population density maps around the world and you will be reminded of the power of water to draw people. Sure, living near water has it’s share of risk- tsunamis and extreme weather come to mind. But the benefits far outweigh the liabilities. I appreciate that Rodney and Susie want to find a way to rally our congregation to gather the best way we can and still uphold safety. Thankfully, we have the benefit of technology so that when this special annual event takes place this year, we can, in a real sense, be together. Even if we are together apart, some in person and others streaming from home.
When you are under the water together, you really are connected by a unifying element of mystical quality. Maybe that is why the waters of baptism are so  interconnected with the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
See you, “Under the Sea!”

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